NEW PACKAGING FOR METELLI PRODUCTS Modern and appealing packaging for the entire product range

Metelli Spa a, leading company in the Aftermarket segment, renews the packaging of its Graf, KWP, Metelli and Cifam ranges - water pumps, transmissions, hydraulic brake parts, brake disks, brake shoes, brake pads, brake drums and engine parts.

A new, more appealing design that completes the integration between the various brands and their marketing positioning involving all of Metelli's communication tools - corporate, technical and commercial documentation, new advertising campaigns, corporate videos and a new website.

The purpose of this activity is to make packaging more modern and identifiable with our company's vision.

Each brand is distinguished by different colours; the Metelli, Graf, Cifam and KWP logos have been recently updated and are accompanied by the new "Automotive Passion" pay-off, which clearly identifies our new mission. There is a blue stripe on each packet so all products can be recognised as part of Metelli Group and new photo references combined with our trademark colours complete the new look.

This new design is part of Metelli's strategy to build up its identity in the Aftermarket segment with the purpose of promoting the passion which has characterised our company for over 50 years.